S helical gear-worm gear reducer (with torque arm)



S helical gear-worm gear reducer specification (with torque arm)
Specifications: S37 worm gear reducer, S47, S57, S67 reducer, S77, S87, S97 helical gear turbine reducer
Installation form: horizontal foot installation, vertical flange installation, large/small flange type, with torque arm type.
Output mode: solid shaft, hollow shaft, shrink disk hollow shaft, involute spline hollow output shaft.
Input mode: direct connection to motor, shaft input, connection flange input.
Technical parameters: speed ratio i=23.8~389, the combination of S series helical gear turbine reducer and R reducer can reach 26688
Efficiency: speed ratio i=23.8~67.8 up to 78%; speed ratio i73.7~389, up to 63%; S helical gear turbine reducer combination 58%

Basic details of S helical gear-worm gear reducer (with torque arm)
Agkxn reducer S series worm gear helical gear motor integrated drive, compact structure, improve reducer torque and efficiency, wide speed range, good versatility, suitable for a variety of installation methods, safe and reliable performance, long life, the implementation of international standard requirements . The European-style reducer design is an ideal choice for hard-toothed helical gear reducer products. Agknx S series worm gear helical gear reducers have low operating noise, and the compact transmission form ensures high torque transmission capacity. The torque range is 100~3500n.m.
S helical gear-worm gear reducer (with torque arm) performance characteristics
1. Combination of helical gear and worm gear, vertical output, compact structure, large speed ratio and short delivery time.
2. The surface of the body is uneven, which has the functions of heat dissipation, strong vibration absorption, low temperature rise and low noise.
3. The machine has high transmission precision, especially suitable for occasions with frequent starts. It can be connected to various reducers, equipped with various types of motor drives, and can be installed in a 90-degree transmission operating position.